Journalist and author Kate Anderson Brower joins TODAY to talk about her new children’s book, “Exploring the White House,” which gives a glimpse into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the people who work there.
Author Kate Andersen Brower is shedding some light on the frustrations Michelle Obama felt while she was First Lady … something the former Prez even admits took a toll on their marriage.

Author Kate Andersen Brower talked about her new book, Team of Five: The Presidents Club in the Age of Trump.

Spurning the Presidential tradition of respecting predecessors, Presidential Trump has stepped up his attacks on President Obama. Is this politically wise?

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July 5, 2018

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November 25, 2016
November 11, 2016
July 31, 2016
What would Bill Clinton’s role be as First Gentleman?
Jul. 31, 2016 – ‘First Women’ author Kate Andersen Brower provides insight on ‘Fox & Friends’
Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic Convention showed why she’s an unusual first lady. Kate Andersen Brower, a journalist and author of “First Women: The Grace and Power of America’s Modern First Ladies,” says it’s because she’s not afraid to take a strong stance.
July, 2016
New York Times bestselling author Kate Anderson Brower talks with Joan Hamburg about the possibility of Bill Clinton being First Lady of the United States.
April 12, 2016
Just out Tuesday morning, “First Women,” a new book by author Kate Andersen Brower, offers a revealing look at America’s first ladies, shining a spotlight on both their friendships and feuds. And now there’s a possibility that for the first time, we could have a male spouse of the U.S. president. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports for TODAY.
April 13, 2016
‘First Women’ author shares secrets about America’s first ladies in her new book
July 31, 2016
What would Bill Clinton’s role be as First Gentleman?
Jul. 31, 2016 – ‘First Women’ author Kate Andersen Brower provides insight on ‘Fox & Friends’
April 11, 2016
Author Kate Andersen Brower examines the mysterious ladies in her book ‘First Women’
April 18, 2016
From Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama, Author Kate Anderson Brower takes readers inside the private lives of America’s first ladies.
April 25, 2015
White House Insiders’ Stories. Inside #WHCD. Kate Andersen Brower, Brianna Keilar, Peter Hamby, Poppy Harlow, D. L. Hughley, Tara Setmayer, David Frum, Patrick Gavin, Laurie Segall, Errol Louis. White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday, April 25, 2015.
April 22, 2015
Kate Andersen Brower talked about her book, The Residence: Inside the Private World of the White House, about the White House and the first family’s private lives as seen through the eyes of the residence’s staff. She spoke about staff members’ stories of first families and the challenges of writing the book.
April 13, 2015
Author Kate Andersen Brower shares stories of her new book, “The Residence” with Lawrence O’Donnell including what happened on the Obamas’ first night there, who smoked pot in the White House, and why Pres. Johnson was obsessed with the plumbing.
April 8, 2015
Kate Andersen Brower dishes on all the good stuff about life inside the White House in her new book , “The Residence.”